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Plumbing and Electrical Supplies for Industrial Cape Breton


Electrical and plumbing contractors all over Industrial Cape Breton know they can find the supplies they need for new home construction and renovations at Home Choice Building Centre. Are you a homeowner getting ready for DIY renovations? Visit us in Sydney for advice and materials. If Home Choice doesn’t have it in stock, expect a prompt order from our catalogue.


Bathroom Style with Vanities by Ove Decors

Once the practicalities of safe and efficient plumbing and electrical work are taken care of, find a way to show your personal taste in your bath. Home Choice Building Centre is proud to offer solid style in vanities from Ove – including the Pure and Windsor collections. Visit Home Choice or the Ove website to choose the design and construction that suits your bath décor, including:


  • Contemporary or modern
  • Classic
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Stainless steel

Customize with doors, windows & paint

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